Here are some reasons you might be interested in learning more about circumcision

Circumcision, also known as neonatal circumcision, is the surgical removal of the outer foreskin in the newborn boy. In the infant procedure the newborn male’s foreskin is removed with forceps, either by using local or topical anesthesia. A ring or band is then placed around the glans, after which scissors are used to cut the skin. Sometimes, local or general pain medication is used to reduce discomfort and prevent physiologic change. Although the results are usually satisfactory, some babies are born with partial retractors of the prepuce (the inner fold at the base the penis), which can re-grow inner foreskin. This procedure has been called “medicine wrapped” because it provides some degree of hope for the baby who suffers from this condition.

The Benefits of Circulation – We hear that the penis is designed to provide comfort during intercourse, but few of us understand that the baby feels the benefits of circumcision immediately after the procedure. The child will feel less discomfort if blood is circulated. The foreskin is moist, which prevents bacteria growth. Circulation of the bloodstream through the newborn’s entire body has begun even before he is born, so it is obvious that the baby feels the benefits of being touched. The foreskin also allows more blood to reach the head and brain, and doctors estimate that the child experiences up to five more orgasms than uncirculated blood.


Benefits to Mothers – Perhaps the greatest benefit of circumcision is its benefit to mothers. Penises left uncircumcised are a risk factor for infection and disease. Infants can die prematurely from infection and disease. Women can reduce their chances of developing these diseases by delaying childbirth. As more research is done on the dangers of infant circumcision, we will likely see fewer cases of infections and disease in the baby’s penis.

Sexual Pleasure – Many men report greater sexual pleasure after having the foreskin removed. Because the foreskin covers the tip of the penis, the nerve endings in the penis are not exposed to too much friction. This allows for intense sensations during intercourse. Since the nerves no longer need to be exposed, these pleasurable feelings can last for much longer than if the penis were exposed.

Male Sexual Health – Men who have had the procedure say they feel more confident in their manhood. This confidence boosts self-esteem and self image. The blood circulates more smoothly to the penis, which allows for a more intimate intercourse. Circulating blood can also reduce friction, which can lead to skin soreness or even skin loss. The risks of complications from this surgical procedure are very low if you take care. It has been compared against other cosmetic procedures that are safe.

We All Want To Know More About Circumcision – The decision to have a baby boy should be a private one, but some people have become uncomfortable with discussing this option. Some worry that having a baby boy means there will be pain and scars. There are many options available to ease the pain and speed up the recovery process. We don’t want anyone to suffer through their pain. But we also don’t want them to have to spend their hard-earned money on unnecessary procedures. If you are uncomfortable learning about the procedure, find a trusted physician to perform it.

Male Sexual Health: Male partners will benefit from a clean, healthy penis with intact foreskin. Circumcision removes only the tip of the penis, leaving the shaft intact. The penis can continue to function as before if it is healthy and clean. A man can enjoy the benefits of a clean, healthy penis without the risk of developing a urinary tract infection.

Benefits of circumcision – A newborn can experience side effects as with any medical procedure. Most doctors recommend that the baby should not swim or bathe after being circumcised. If complications do arise, they are usually minor or mild. As with any medical procedure you have to take, this is a chance that you should be aware of. It is a good thing that there are other options if complications do arise. You can learn more about male infant circumcision and other benefits from your doctor.